Sell a Home

There are plenty of reasons for selling a home. Maybe your life has changed, with a new baby on the way or the last kid flying the coop. Maybe it’s time to trade up or to downsize. Maybe you just saw the house of your dreams on the other side of town, so it’s time to give your current place a chance to find someone who’s been dreaming about a house just like this one.

You could try to do it yourself, but you’ll find that it’s stressful and usually won’t work out in your favor. Here’s a number to think about: more than 80% of people who try to sell their own homes end up going through an agent after all. By the time they give up and get help, they’ve already spent a lot of time and money they didn’t need to put into the project.

A qualified Realtor has more experience with selling homes, access to more buyers, and more knowledge about the market. This may explain why the average for sale by owner home sold for $210,000 in 2014, while the average for agent-assisted home sales was $249,000. As you can see, the agent’s commission pales in comparison.

FSBOs do not provide accurate numbers for the percentage of For Sale by Owner attempts that end up in divorce or low self-esteem, but we strongly encourage you to contact Ken Jansen and let him help you sell your home. After all, aren’t all homes for sale by owner? We provide help with marketing, advertising, negotiation and experience.

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